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Signs that yOu aRe OC…


1. Even when you’re tired from work and wishing to take a rest when you get home, you tend to fix your bed first when you see that it’s not in order or if some used clothes are lying in there.

2. You check your laundry basket and make sure that no piles of used clothes are pending in there; else you have to do the laundry right there and then.

3. You can’t be at ease seeing those hair on your bedroom floor so you end up sweeping and mopping the floor.

4. You hate it when your housemate leaves their books for ages on your study table and never wipe out the dust on it.

5. After watching TV and or movies, you cannot sleep or rest knowing that the remote control or the dvd disc is not yet return in its proper place.

6. You didn’t eat the whole day and decided to grab a quick late lunch when you get home but seeing the unclean dishes in the sink makes you do it first and tidied the kitchen before grabbing your late meal.

7. You check the trash can / garbage if it’s full and throw it first before having your meal.

8. After your meal, you’ll never sit back and relax for quite a while before doing the dishes again.

9. You get mad whenever you see a portion of toothpaste scattered on your bathroom sink so you wash it all away before using the sink.

10. You spend the whole time everyday fixing your wardrobe afraid that the clothes are not properly pressed and hanged.

11. You fight with your housemate/husband/kids if number 10 is not followed.

12. You hate it when your husband and kids are using your family car as extension of their wardrobe, because you see their slippers, shoes, pillows, jackets and shoe polish in there.

13. You end up hating yourself when items 1-12 is not done perfectly and immediately.

Are you an OC? Whoaaaa! Who do I think I am? Was it me who is describing from all the items? I guess I am, thus I was able to write those things. It’s not yet complete. There are so much more to list. But I’m freakin’ crazy now. I hate it. Darn hate it. But I can’t resist. 

All Natural Beauty Products & Interview: Indie Lee (via Moxie Reviews™)


All Natural Beauty Products & Interview: Indie Lee Now here's a great product beauty shot! Pictured are some of Indie Lee's Beauty products! (Photo credit: Indie Lee & Co.) Today's post is an interview with a very special, very busy Entrepreneur, Indie Lee!  Since 2010,  she has been in charge, as the CEO and President, of Indie Lee & Co., an all natural skin care line, and has been off and running full-speed ahead ever since. I certainly appreciate Indie taking the time to answer some qu … Read More

via Moxie Reviews™

Of ageless beauty and anti-ageing products


I never worry about wrinkles and of getting old, but seeing those thin lines around my eyes gave me the creeps, now it worries me a lot…

Being this conscious about getting old, I’ve searched tips on how to maintain my youthful look. I chanced upon in one of the health column about beauty products that help one regain their youthful look. Beauty products are now in demand most in women’s market. Anti-ageing products were designed to cater men and women of mid 20’s and above to prevent skin ageing, discoloration and the likes. I was so amazed knowing that there are also anti-ageing perfumes that you just need to spray all over just so you can prevent your skin from ageing. I was wondering, is it really an anti-ageing perfume that helps one skin to reveal its youthful look or just spray it all over just so you’ll smell like a teen?

There are anti-ageing moisturizers, lotions, soaps, eye cream, name most of the beauty products and you’ll be surprised that all are offering the same thing: ageless beauty. I adore women who look so young at their age or should I say, I adore those whose beauties are still intact as they aged. Sometimes you’ll be mistaken knowing that ladies at age 20 looks matured at their age and women in 40’s looks 20 and younger at their age. I can’t help but asked myself what’s the secret behind those older women who still preserves their beauty inside and out, the glow in their skin, the way they can carry themselves while walking, and the poise…truly amazing. Some has these thin lines, so called wrinkles but still, they look so glamorous. The secrets lies within one’s self, if you feel good about yourself, no matter how wasted you are, no matter how many facial lines you have, you will look good to anyone. One must learn to accept the fact I mean the truth that ageing is not optional, that’s where all of us are heading. Instead of fearing the days that we are getting older, we have to admire it; admire being old, admire ageing because it’s possible to look better with age. Yeah, it’s easy to look good when you are young, but looking good while ageing is another thing; it’s an accomplishment. Natural beauty is forever. It cannot be taken away from you. Just always smile and the world will seem to be on your side.

I looked into the mirror one fine day and was surprised seeing those thin lines around my eyes. I was checking myself if I was in a panicked mode and indeed I was. When I got the chance, I bought a set of anti-ageing moisturizes for daytime and night time use, facial wash, an eye cream…yeah. That’s how vain I was with myself. But reality check, putting and applying all the anti-ageing products doesn’t help at all. You may notice some changes that your skin gets tighter or glowing after using them for years. But still, I noticed, that some who aged, looks smarter and better and happier at their aged, never worrying if there are wrinkles on their faces, or if their skin started to shrink. They, however, are still up to date, on track and up to the beat for the sound of music. After all, as long as you can hear them laugh, getting old and having aged is not a big issue at all. They spend half of their lives being on each stage and they cherished each moment of their life, so why should we fear getting and being in older stage. Why should one need to maintain their younger look? All of us are heading into that dilemma, of getting old and of having wrinkles.

But that’s how life is all about.