One minute inside my head…


I want to go out now, away from this busy city, away from the crowd…away from my friends and family. I want to be free from my kids’ cries and covering my ears and hiding from this dark room doesn’t seem to be of help. Oh I love my husband and my kids and leaving them doesn’t come to my mind. I know it sounds crazy for a mother like me, but I want to go somewhere in which only the birds humming and chirping be heard as they are like music to my ears; where no other human being exists. Where the falling of dried tree leaves make its soft noise, where the moist of fresh morning dew will touch my tired body, where the blow of the unpolluted air carries away all my worries. Just for once in my life, I want sometime alone. My “me” time; not to think of something else but to release all the thoughts that haunting in my head…

Shall I try yoga then? I should. Soon. Maybe.

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