Mama Alix’ despedida de Canada


For the last time this month, Mama Alix (our Sykes Asia friend) invited us for her last throw away despedida party before he’ll fly for Canada later this month. I am not so sure how many parties they have celebrated in preparation for his Canadian dream. From his Sykes friends, tennis and visayas group, ambulances and nurses group, in short, non-stop parties and get together since last month.

We had one, two weeks ago, that was exclusive for Sykes people and today, mixtures of friends from different groups. Dada just dropped us (me and Myke) in Burjuman center station for we need to take the metro train. He didn’t go with us since he had a commitment to one of his friends from tropang badminton who is also throwing a birthday party. Kyle is with him. I was not supposed to leave home, was planning of resting the whole day since tomorrow’s gonna be a hectic day in the branch. But realizing that I’ll surely miss the fun and the bonding moments with our dear mama alix made me decide to go despite the long distance between my place and hers.

I’m going to meet Apple and Ericka here in IBN batuta station, call time, 7pm. But hey, mind you, time right now is 5mins before 8pm. Holy cow! Myke is getting bored. I shouldn’t trust them, errr…I mean Erick when it comes to time (hehehe). He is always late. I should have been used to that and do the same thing to get even but I can’t. I can’t stand and feel at ease knowing someone’s waiting at me. I value my time. Maybe being a wife and a working mother who do all the hands on with the kids and household chores plus the office works made me value and use my time… wisely.:)

The two finally showed up, Apple at 8pm and Erick at 815pm. Olive’s still at home with Payrol. I am not mad having waited for more than an hour with my bipolar. We arrived at Mama Alix’s place and its sooooo crowded and OMG! Foods are overflowing and they all taste heaven to my eyes. (“,)

What caught my attention is the home made cake by one of Alix’s friend. See how it looks. All are edible. You can eat everything on it….


See how yummy it looks. Unfortunately though, I never had a taste of it. Huhuhu. We left her place before the cake tasting. Too bad. I called Dada and asked him to pick us here since it’s getting late. Yep. I’m blogging while in his place, using my mobile. While waiting for Apple and Erick, I decided to start writing just to ease my boredom. It works, really.

Anyhow…see the choco cake from me, olive, aps and Erick. Thank you Ninang Olive for the effort. 🙂

i sooo love this cake.

I soo love this cake from Brownie. Sweet and heavenly.  And my super blueberry cheesecake…I told them that I baked this during our 1st get together…holy crap! Erick believed that I really baked this one…
Hehehe. Wishin and hopin

my very own...

Anyhow, we are having fun when Dada and Kyle arrived. Asked them to have their late dinner first while I was having my cranberry juice and a glass of red horse from Erick…wahhh! Enough of that. We need to go home…

Gotta end this now. Can’t concentrate at all…

Mama Alix, the aspiring Canadian...

See Mama Alix? Ain’t she lovely?

the picture of us…

written on friday, september 02…

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