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A tale of two friendSter…


I wrote this on April before her birthday, but it was only today that i made it publish in my blog…

She is the girl you wouldn’t want to mess up with. She’s tough, strict, and straight forward, will speak what’s on her mind, good or bad yet full of substance. I don’t exactly remember how we were introduced as an office colleague or how the two of us became close and ended as best friends and a godmother to my eldest.

I first saw her during our night shift duty in a call center based in Ortigas. She was wearing denim knee high skirt and a gray sweatshirt with a huggable pillow wrapped around her arms. She looked snob at first sight and as true as the saying “first impression lasts”, til now she looks that snob…but behind her snobbish and firm look, a heart as pure as gold is resting inside…

I had a set of friends then and she had too. But since both of us were assigned to the same team which was the Abuse support, we later had our exchange of hi’s and from then on, we casually talked about anything work related. As days go by, I got a chance of knowing her because we have common friends.

After giving birth to my eldest daughter, majority of my team mates became the godparents and she’s one of them. Thank God she accepted the responsibility of being a godmother even I informed her so late. Shame on me! She didn’t make it on the baptismal rites but was there on my daughters first birthday. Thanks Ninang!

Little did I know, we became close. We used to hang out, malling, movies, attend to parties, overnight stay at our place, cooking together (but please spare her to clean the dishes – she hates it! ) in short, we are no longer colleagues or kumares, we are friends.

Among the set of friends I have, it’s her that I find it easy to confide whatever issues I have in mind, thoughts that bothering me, my marriage issues. I was never ashamed crying my heart out while telling in tears all that I hated about my hubby (during our 1st three years) what I was going through about my marriage life (she’s single by the way), those things. She was there to listen. Her words of encouragement lift my spirit high. Being rational, she’s always looking at both sides of the story, giving all possible reasons and conclusions about how and why things happen. She won’t tolerate your excuses and will never take your side of story just to make you feel better. She will never pamper you and never gives you false hopes unless you gave her your right points. She’s mean, sometimes…yes and I love her.

If there is someone aside from your journal who can keep your secrets, it must be her. I know all my secrets are safe with her (hmmm…what could that be?) that’s the reason why I am so comfortable talking to her and pouring my worries out. We share some secrets, talks about our secret enemy and our secrets hate for them. Hehehe! She’s not judgmental, she’s fair, and the trait you’ll surely love because you feel accepted whatever flaws you have. Sometimes when I am feeling so down, just listening and hearing her advices makes me accept and look at the brighter side of life. She’ll make you love yourself; your life most when you forget loving and wanting your own self…so sweet.

I don’t know where else is she getting all her courage and that strong personality to think that it’s not only I who is coming to her for advices (Bo’s spirit is living within her, I guess. ) I know she too has some grievances to share but I know she can and she handles it well, else she wouldn’t be the one I knew from the start.

Money matters? I’ll never think twice to whom I shall run to whenever I am short of my budget. Although she’s not a banker, her pocket is always ready for me…interest free! Wink…wink!
But don’t you dare breaking your promises to her if you don’t want to ruin the friendship. She value your words, what you’ve said will always be forever etch in her memory. Trust is all that matters in our friendship, our love for our friendship is what keeps us growing.

10 years of friendship and we are still counting. No simple tampuhan can put our friendship down. After all, she’s not just a friend to me, but a very best friend, a sister, a very good listener and adviser. She’s a family. She belongs. I just hope I can return back the favor and do the same thing to her when the time comes that she needs me.

She’s got the looks, deep set of smokey eyes (she tried to look like one for just 1 night), height of a ramp model, curvaceous body, health buff, workout addict and her name is OLIVE

smokey eyes...

Olive and the malditas